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EagleCAD manual : page 149
Defining a Copper Plane with POLYGON
EAGLE can fill regions of a board with copper. Simply draw the borders of the
area with the POLYGON command. The polygon is displayed as a dotted line
in the outline mode. You give the polygon a signal name, using NAME
followed by a click onto the border of the polygon. Then all the objects that
carry this signal are connected to the polygon. Both pads and, optionally, vias
(as specified in the Design Rules) are joined to the copper plane through
Thermal symbols. Elements not carrying this signal are kept at a specified
RATSNEST calculates and displays the surface area of all polygons in the
layout. If you call RATSNEST with a signalname, for example
6 From Schematic to Finished Board
only the GND polygon(s) will be calculated. All other polygons in the layout
will remain unchanged in the outline mode.
RIPUP, followed by a click on the polygon border, makes the content invisible
again. If there are several polygons in your layout, and you want to have
them displayed in the outline mode again, type in the command line:
To have all polygons of a particular signal switched to outline mode, specify
the signal name, like
More information about the syntax can be found in the help about RIPUP.
The content of the polygon is not saved in the board file. When you first load
the file, you will only see the dotted outline of the polygon. It is only
calculated and displayed again by RATSNEST.
Various options can be changed via the parameter toolbar, either as the
polygon is being drawn or, with CHANGE, at a later stage..
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