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80c535 / 515 -- 80c515c / 80c515A5

단종된 80c535를 80c515c로 대치하기

-->80c515c/ 80c515a는 워치독이 실행되므로 이것을 금지시켜야 80c535 코드가 실행된다

--> PE/SWD를 GND로 연결시킨다



Projects with the dESμ MC80515





Replace MC80C515 by the C515-LN






The MC80C515 and C515-LN are identical except for the signal # PE / SWD in all respects. To replace the MC80C515 by the C515-LN, it is sufficient to switch the pin 4 for experiment operation, to GND.

When finished applications that use the watchdog timer, the connection of pin 4 is irrelevant.






functional changes in the C515-LN
The MC 80C515 has the connection to pin 4 # PE (Power Enable at 0) = 0 of the two options power-down states of the controller are free from PE.Applies PE = 1, which is at an unconnected PE input by an internal pull-up resistor, or the interconnection of pins 4 to Vcc ensured, then the power-down states are switched off and not by their flags in the PCON register accessible.

For the C515-LN is the same, except that this also turns on the watchdog timer with a pin unconnected fourth This therefore starts after the power and sets the controller in a permanent reset condition when the current software does not reset the timer before it overflows. Since the monitor programs that are used in programming, the watchdog timer does not note is PE = 1, a possible bad wiring for the 4 pin It creates the impression that the controller is defective because he apparently does not respond.But he does, just 'resets' it indelibly.
C515-LN is at the pin 4 is set to GND, the two power-down modes are available as in MC80C515, and the watchdog timer is disabled at startup. If you want to use it, he must be released IEN0 and IEN1 by a program on the reduction of its flags in the Interrupt Enable register.






hardware periodic changes in the C515-LN
The changes made by hardware related only to the signal # PE / SWD (no power enable set WatchDog). This power enable is active at 0 and at 1 set WatchDog

In the dESμ boards # PE / SWD is to GND. Accordingly, there is nothing to change, and the C515-LN can be used with them. Programmatically, there is no difference anyway.

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