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The firmware is now compatible to run on a CANDIP module. The download include a pre-compiled firmware file to flash into a CANDIP module. Both pins for LED connection remaining the same.


What is CANDIP/M162?

CANDIP/M162 is an embedded microcontroller with CAN (Controller Area Network), where you as a user can make a quick route to new products, maybe you just need some digital I/O connected to CAN or a a smart node with a PID controlled motor etc. You can see the CANDIP/M162 as a very small "Single Board Computer" with the possibility to perform almost 8MIPS (even thought the AVR can run up to 16Mhz, we have chosen to use 7.3828Mhz to minimize current and keep backwards compability to the CANDIP/AVR1M module. We have tested the unit with 16Mhz without any problems and as a user you can change the chrystal on your own or if larger quantity order from us mounted and tested with any chrystal up to 16Mhz).

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